Cultural Travels from Home: an Evening Tour of Pompeii

Monday 17th June June 5.00PM BST


Today we return again to the world famous archaeological site of Pompeii for a live, guided tour in the company of expert archaeologist Dr Raffaele Romano, who is also one of the site’s most authoritative and enthusiastic guides. All bookings will include a donation / “virtual entrance ticket” which will help support the site.  The walk will be different from our most recent visits, as we will explore other areas of the site, so please do join us again! However, for those who enjoyed our very first visit with Raffaele in September 2021, please note that we will revisit a few of the same areas covered in that tour.


Our evening tour will start from the main entrance of the city, Porta Marina Superiore, walking beside the city walls where Mount Vesuvius is clearly visible. We continue past the Basilica, Forum and main temples, walking along the Decumanus Major (the main street of Pompeii) where we will see the Roman baths and also a Roman fast food shop. We spend time learning about the tragic eruption of 79 AD when so many lost their lives – a particularly poignant reminder of that event is the area dedicated to the plaster casts of those who attempted unsuccessfully to flee the city, only to be encased in layers of pumice and ash.

From there we will head to the oldest corner of the city, the Foro Triangolare, where we can admire the Temple of Isis and go inside the Great Theatre with its spectacular view. Our tour will end on Stabian Street, near the gate of the city where some tombs have recently been discovered.

It will be particularly atmospheric to visit Pompeii at the end of the day, when the crowds have left and as the site is closing.

The tour is interactive, so you will be able to put questions to our guide throughout the visit.

Dr Romano is an archaeologist specialising in the iconic heritage of the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum. He holds a degree in Archaeology, an M.A. in Classical Archaeology and a Ph.D. in Archaeological Heritage, with a thesis on Pompeii. Dr Romano has excavated at Pompeii and is part of an international team of archaeologists researching the northern side of Vesuvius. He has also worked as an archaeologist for the Vatican. In 2019 the city of Pompeii awarded him honorary citizenship and in March 2021, during an excavation at Pompeii, Dr Romano found the remains of an extra-urban villa, an exciting discovery which has received much international coverage, which he will tell us more about during the tour. He is a highly personable and authoritative guide whose enthusiasm and passion are infectious!


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Image of Pompeii: copyright Hydromet.