We are always delighted to hear from our dear followers, participants and collaborators. Here is a selection of comments about Art History in Focus’ events, tours and courses.

Online Talks and Cultural Travels From Home

“It was a fantastic experience … a new vision about the museum! I hope to repeat such an exciting event!”
Dr Gabriella Belli, Director, Fondazione Musei Civici, Venice

“I enjoyed the tour so much, thank you for the great opportunity you gave to the museum and to your guests. In this peculiar period, art can really be a source of comfort and inspiration, even at a distance. We made this happen!”
Chiara Zanandrea, Events Coordinator, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice

“It was a great honour to work together. For this, I’m really grateful to you…I hope also to have future opportunities for a new collaboration very soon!”
Dr Maria Cristina De Angelis, Director, Fondazione Cariperugia Arte, Perugia

“Thank you so much for organising all of these excellent Cultural Travels from Home. It has been wonderful to be transported to so many far away places …. I so look forward to your next season.”
Mrs M Gibbons

“I am loving the Cultural Travels from Home!  What an inspired idea to offer these. I feel like I have been transported all over Europe! “
Mrs C Barnes

“I am so glad I discovered your courses and virtual trips. Every week I expand my knowledge in a most engaging way and find the time whisks by so quickly .. this morning’s tour was a particular favourite as the filming and commentary were especially good.  I came with no knowledge and now am inspired to learn more. I look forward to joining more in the future”
Ms S Briault

“Congratulations on your groundbreaking initiative of online tours in a number of major museums and historic sites. It was an absolute joy touring the Basilica of San Marco. The fact that I am helping to raise important funds for the galleries and cultural sites also appeals”
Mrs C Coyne

“Thank you so much for another beautifully presented course … Travel and galleries and museums are difficult for me, so I very much appreciate particularly the live visits. Again many thanks for your inspired talks”
Mrs J Selman

“Just to say, as I am sure many have done already, how truly wonderful this morning’s virtual tour to Assisi was…….not only artistically but I found it very spiritual and moving…..with no visitors in the Basilica there was a peace and calm which it is not usually possible to experience.  Brother Donald explained the Franciscan message very clearly.  What a privilege. Many thanks again for everything you are doing for us! Just incredible”
Mrs P Horn 

“I just want to thank you for your brilliant course on Venice which I have enjoyed enormously. The combination of your fascinating lectures and Luisella’s wonderful tours has been so enlightening.  I feel that I have actually been to Venice!”
Mrs P Worksett

“Thank you for organising today’s tour.  It was marvellous to be able to enjoy this in the comfort of our homes and is a great way to prepare for the real thing, with enhanced knowledge and understanding”
Mr and Mrs I. Goodhew

“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you and to all the wonderful guest lecturers and guides  …. having the good fortune to be transported to such wonderful places such as Venice, Florence, Perugia, Siena, Moscow, Lisbon, Budapest and so many others has been a real treat. While I am not always able to attend live, the thought of the treat in store for me when I get home from work is just wonderful.  I cant wait for September when the world of discovery reopens again via your talks and courses”
Mrs M. Devanay

“Thank you for the wonderful virtual tour yesterday –  it was magical to be transported from our four familiar walls in such learned and entertaining company”
Mr and Mrs K Paulin

“I would just like to say grazie mille to you and your colleagues for this course… It has proved a highlight of my week, together with many of the other livestream tours you have hosted, amongst them to Lisbon, Budapest, Siena, Assisi and yesterday to Milan.”  
Mrs J Thomas

“Today’s visit was simply enchanting .. I cannot believe that there has been so much richness in terms of virtual tours, lectures, etc, and I have only just joined the fun! Many thanks for providing so many rich experiences for the mind”  
Mrs R Phillips

“I just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed the online private tour of Ca Rezzonico. What an opportunity and a privilege it was to tour the palace in real time and with such a knowledgeable guide, it was a real treat”
Mrs K Taylor

“Thank you for another totally brilliant experience, you give us so much to enjoy and to contemplate in all these amazing online sessions”
Ms C Tate

“So inspiring and interesting – just fantastic to be able to sit at home and hear this wonderful talk Sian, you are always so inspiring. Thank you so much”
Lady S. Neale

“It is lovely to sit in my own armchair and have your brilliant lectures delivered in my home”
Mrs J Witter

“I have long been an admirer of your lectures so for me to be able to participate online is marvellous”
Mrs I Herman

“Thank you Sian for so many truly inspirational on-line lectures and tours”
Mrs C Kelly

Courses and Lectures

“I just wanted to send my huge thanks and appreciation to you for getting our first ever online “Stories of Art” off to such a fantastic start. I will miss your company every Wednesday evening, and I know hundreds of others will too. At the risk of repeating my other messages, your delivery style, manner, passion and incredible knowledge brought something very special to the course which has now set the bar very high!”
Head of Learning and National Programmes, National Gallery

“I’ve just been enjoying your Van Eyck lecture. … I’ll try and find a way of giving your wonderful art history lectures a mention!”
Mr Will Gompertz

“An ongoing vote of appreciation and gratitude for your inspiring courses.”
Mrs Angie Fry

“I would like to thank you, once again, for your outstanding lecture course on Giovanni Bellini. I found the sessions very stimulating and enjoyable and we hope you will give more lectures in the near future.”
Mrs Sue Stern, The London Art History Society

“Thank you so ever much for your excellent art history evenings – I really feel I have benefited and you have made my visits to the National Gallery much more enjoyable and rewarding.”
Mrs Caroline Tate

I really can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful talk on Thursday. The member feedback has been fantastic! It was so well planned out and enormously informative. Thank you again for taking the time. I hope that we see you soon again at the Club.
Mrs Aurore Ogden, Director of Art, The Arts Club, London

“Many thanks for your interesting, thought-provoking and illuminating series of lectures. Your conversational and informative style made them hugely enjoyable. You have definitely enhanced our knowledge and appreciation of women artists, their challenges over the centuries and the role of women in art generally. The lectures were well worth the long journey and we will be signing up for future courses.”
Mr and Mrs David and Denise Lennox

“May I take this opportunity of thanking you for all that you have put in to make your courses so interesting and enjoyable. You deserve your popularity and success.”
Mr David Spatcher

“Thank you so much for what has been a wonderful introduction to the world of Art History in Focus.  Every session has been enlightening and I am much looking forward to joining you again for another course”
Lady Joyce Acher

“Your enthusiasm and the way you deliver your intensive knowledge make attending your lectures such a pleasure. I always look forward to my Friday mornings, to leave everything behind and be transported to a different place in a different time”
Mrs Irma Ozsivadjian

“We thought your lecture was absolutely outstanding. It was a wonderful presentation full of insight into Raphael and his art and an amazing depth of knowledge accompanied by a gentle sense of humour. We both learnt so much which will stand us in good stead when we visit Umbria with the Society in October.
Simon La Frenais, Tarporley Arts Society

“We were so impressed by your breadth of knowledge and your presentation .. everyone felt they had learnt so much. Thank you again for an extremely entertaining as well as educational afternoon.”
Mrs Julia Tarento, Grayshott Dfas

“A most interesting and stimulating course, which inspired me to delve much further into the subject. It opened a door onto another way of looking at paintings.”
Mrs Irene Johnson

“I have enjoyed this module immensely and feel at last I am starting to understand and read paintings! Siân has been a first class tutor – I wish they were all like her! – and she has taught us in a very clear and focused way, making everything easy to understand.”
Surrey University, Power and Patronage B.A Course

“Thank you warmly for coming to Bangor, and for delivering a brilliant lecture. It has been very enthusiastically received here, as I know you’ll have appreciated from the audience’s reaction, and it rightly takes its place in a long line of distinguished T. Rowland Hughes lectures in Bangor.”
Dr David Roberts, Bangor University

Your lecture was a tour de force and I have heard nothing but praise from all sides.I very much hope we can fit into your busy schedule again before too long.”
Ursula Russell, Stratford upon Avon DFAS

I was transfixed by Sian Walters’ amazing knowledge on Caravaggio. There was never a dull moment.  Sian certainly knew her subject matter, and I am sure the whole audience were on the edge of their seats! Well done to the team at Woking DFAS for inviting such a brilliant speaker a great start to the New Year
Member of audience, Woking DFAS

Sian showed an outstanding depth and breadth of knowledge, not just of her lecture subject but also of its context in the widest sense. It is so good to listen to a lecturer in full command of her subject and with a fluent and expressive delivery style
Member of audience, Romsey DFAS

“Thank you for a simply marvellous lecture. You showed us an absolute feast of paintings and opened our eyes to better understanding them.”
Southampton DFAS

“A huge thank you for a wonderful lecture. Members were saying it was one of the best they have ever heard.”
Mrs Patricia Leonard, Helmsley DFAS

“Thank you so much for coming to Notre Dame and for your excellent talk this afternoon … Let’s hope one or two are inspired to “get into” their Art – a lifetime of pleasure from one General Studies session! I think I need to book a History of Art holiday and to hear more of your fascinating lectures.
Sincere thanks and I hope we will meet again.”
Mrs Mary Lewis, Head of Sixth Form, Notre Dame School

“In the name of the Human Resources team of the National Children’s Bureau I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for a very interesting, dynamic and enjoyable lecture. It was just what we were looking for and everybody in my team was so pleased to learn to see the paintings in different way!”
Mrs Thamara Moncada, HR Administrator for I CAN and NCB Charities

“I thought Sian was fabulous and so did the friends with whom I was sitting. Her enthusiasm and knowledge were astounding – I loved the fact that although she allowed herself to follow a train of thought that seemed to develop a life of its own as she spoke. It was inspirational …”
Member of audience, Tenterden DFAS

Tours and Holidays

“There are not enough superlatives to describe our Italy experience, thanks to you! Your wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity all contributed to a most memorable trip. We are looking forward to next time”
Mr and Mrs Bob and Eileen Kennedy Heim, Private Tour of Verona and Venice

“Having caught our breath after your Venice extravaganza, we need to thank you for an outstanding tour. Every detail was organised and communicated with the lightest touch and the detail, context and history of what we were looking at was explained with the confidence of considerable scholarship. Your highlights, carefully paced during the trip, created memories we shall treasure”
Mr and Mrs Garth Coles, Hidden Treasures of Venice

“Thank you so much for the wonderful experience I had in Venice. I loved every minute of it. Your attention to detail in every aspect of the trip as always was amazing and very much appreciated by all the participants.”
Mrs Gill Culverwell, Hidden Treasures of Venice

“What an amazing two days – everywhere we went had something different and interesting, and the gardens were beautiful. The hotel was excellent and dinner was delicious, and then we had another delicious meal at Chalfield. Everything as always was organised meticulously – you are amazing. Well done, and thank you!”
Mrs Jenni Hammond, West Country Private Houses and Gardens Tour

“What a really lovely time I had with you. Thank you so much for organising such a great packed two days, so many interesting places we visited. I found it really wonderful how friendly everyone was, several people I have arranged to meet again. Honestly out of all the events I have been to recently this really came out at the top for enjoyment!”
Mrs Felicity Jaffe, Compton Verney and the Cotswolds

“Thank you for literally opening our eyes to the world of Art History in situ and sharing your encyclopaedic knowledge with us, as well as sharing the delights of ‘hidden Florence’ both culturally and gastronomically!  It was a perfect trip and the privilege of visiting the Opificio delle Pietre Dure and hearing The Cremona Quartet at The Palazzo Tornabuoni were moments never to be forgotten”
Sir and Lady Gerald and Joyce Acher, Discover Florence

“On behalf of all our group from Moor Park DFAS I would like to express our sincere thanks for giving us such a wonderful experience in Toledo and Madrid. Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail in all aspects of this trip have been second to none. We look forward to our next adventure with you!”
Mrs Anne Harris, Private Tour for Moor Park Dfas/Arts Society, Toledo and Madrid

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you for our wonderful trip to Florence – you made they city and all her treasures sing, laugh and dance for us. Everything appeared to happen effortlessly and our five days gave us memories to last a lifetime”
Mr and Mrs Peter and Briony Scott, Discover Florence 

“Mark and I enjoyed our 5 days in Albi and Carcassonne enormously. Both hotels were magnificent, the meals excellent and the itinerary that you chose was stimulating and varied. You have a great ability to bring a church, a venue, an artist or a piece of art alive with your insight and informative talks. We felt very privileged that you introduced us all to people and places that obviously meant so much to you. Many thanks and we look forward to the next event or tour that we can attend”
Mr and Mrs Mark and Caroline Kissin, Albi and Carcassonne

“We hope that you sensed by the end of our five days in Albi and Carcassonne how much the group had appreciated such a stimulating visit to South-West France. We certainly loved it and are full of admiration for the way in which you combine your extensive knowledge of art and music with unobtrusively high quality administration – all with a charm and a lively sense of humour too.  Plus you seem to know such delightful people around Toulouse with intriguing houses and very good cuisine – and you use really comfortable hotels, which we do appreciate”
Mr and Mrs Mike and Gillian Williams, Albi and Carcassonne

Since our return from your wonderful trip, I’ve been pondering what made it so special and unique. The usual ingredients of your faultless preparation, great itinerary, superb guiding, brilliant choices of hotels & restaurants and a particularly friendly group of people were all there in abundance. I think the added extra this time was your personal passion for the area which you conveyed to us. The Cremona concert and whole evening was magical again, as was the wine tasting and lunch. Thank you so much for a meticulously planned holiday which we enjoyed immensely, as did everyone I’ve spoken too. It was a triumph.
Mr and Mrs Richard and Jenny Lebus, Albi and Carcassonne

“My first tour with you and I cannot express enough my thanks and admiration for all your hard work, organisation and enthusiasm. It has been a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to joining you again”
Mrs Wendy Mundie, Art and Opera in Vienna 

I am still living off that marvellous trip, and all you taught us and all we saw! We had such a wonderful group of people, and I loved everything about it. In the mornings over leisurely coffee, I am still savouring the art catalogues I bought
Miss Ruth Bennett, Milan, Art and Opera 

“Many thanks again for a wonderful trip to Milan – again, we appreciated your immaculate planning and your style and knowledge”
Mr and Mrs Matthew and Alison Griffiths, Milan, Art and Opera 

Thank you for another wonderful tour. Your kindness, efficiency, choices and the splendid visits make such a difference and make me feel like I have a broader understanding of Rome
Miss Tove Sperling, The Glory of Rome 

“What a great tour it was to Lake Garda – the opera experience, the Veronese exhibition, the visit to Brescia and the vineyard, all those lovely meals and the good company. Thank you so much for the excellent talks, the immaculate planning of the itinerary and all your hard work. I enjoyed our time in Italy so much”
Mrs Trudy Wainwright, Verona Opera and Lake Garda 

“Thank you so much for organising such a fantastic trip to Rome. We enjoyed every moment of your well-planned itinerary which exceeded all our expectations. The private viewing in the Sistine Chapel was a wonderful and moving experience and a once in a lifetime privilege for which we will be forever grateful”
Mr and Mrs David and Denise Lennox, The Glory of Rome 

Thank you for arranging so many wonderful visits to places that the average tourist would never get to. You teaching was again superlative and your passion for art history so contagious.  I am so inspired every time I hear and watch you talk about art!  Thank you so much for your great gift of teaching, and your many kindnesses that you extend to all your flock
Miss Ruth Bennett, The Glory of Rome 

Thank you so much for an absolutely excellent few days in Spain.  As always you had put on an excellent itinerary, superbly organised and with a great mix of art and gastronomy!  It was a genuinely fascinating tour.
Mr and Mrs John and Ros Hamburger, Bilbao and La Rioja 

“Thank you for a fabulous time in Madrid. Your skill and knowledge are matched only by your courtesy and kindness. It was an unforgettable five days”
Mrs Tracey Howcroft, Madrid in the Spring 

“Thanks again for a fabulous trip to Madrid…stupendously well organised and highly edifying”
Mrs Jane Silcock, Madrid in the Spring 

” I wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip to Bruges … You organised everything with precision. The visit opened my eyes to the Flemish painters and brought to life some of the themes and painters you had discussed on your courses”
Mrs Pauline Boughton, Flemish Art Tour 

“Thank you for such a stimulating and enjoyable visit to Belgium.  We were delighted with the complete package which we realise is compiled with a lot of effort and even more care resulting in a group of very happy people. Our hotel room was, without exaggeration, the best room we have had in any four- star hotel.  The depth and quality of your gallery guidance was top quality and always thoroughly enjoyable.  It was also wonderful to listen to Anne van Grevenstein- Kruse talking about the restoration of the van Eyck altarpiece.  We shall keep our eye on your website checking for further goodies”
Mr and Mrs Garth and June Coles, Flemish Art Tour 

“ We want to thank you very much for all that you did to make our trip so interesting and making it all come to life. Your extensive knowledge of all that we saw was breathtaking and we appreciated learning about places and works of art which we had not seen on earlier visits. A truly memorable few days.”
Prof and Mrs Brian and Margaret Clarkson, private tour of Florence and Tuscany 

“A very big thank you for the Venice tour which we are already calling a Golden Holiday. The choice of visits and wonderful paintings were inspirational and we loved the food and the company too! Your talks about the paintings brought them to life in such a meaningful and memorable way. I have returned home with such happy memories as well as many new acquaintances….”
Mrs Trudy Wainwright, Secret Venice 

“A whole week has gone by since our return from Venice and still the images are pouring in, reminding me of our truly wonderful visit. I could make a long list of the highlights, which kept on coming day after day. Thank you for such a well organised trip and for all the information you poured out to us each day.”
Mrs Margaret Brown, Secret Venice 

“…The itinerary you organised was superb – and as ever your commentary was great, providing insight into the city and its art and architecture that we would have found difficult to gain for ourselves. You also took us to places that we probably would never have found or been able to get into ourselves…”
Mr and Mrs John and Ros Hamburger, Secret Venice 

“Just to say that I am still savouring the memories of that wonderful trip to Verona and Ravenna, and all the places in between … thank you for a marvellous trip. Your teaching is wonderful, and I learned so much, thanks so much for all the very detailed information and for covering so many wonderful places”
Miss Ruth Bennett, Renaissance Courts and Ravenna 

“Thank you so much for the wonderful time we spent with you in Venice. Your excellent planning both before and during the holiday made for a very relaxing time for us all. Your infectious enthusiasm makes us wish we had discovered art years ago!”
Mr and Mrs Alan and Ann Smith, Venice: Art and Architecture 

“Thank you so very much for a simply wonderful few days in Florence – I enjoyed it all immensely and was so pleased to meet so many nice people. You are a superb lecturer and everything is always so beautifully organised on your tours – it is a real treat to be with you.”
Miss Jennifer Bowen, Florence Tour

“Thank you for such a splendid trip to Spain. Although we had visited Avila and Salamanca before, we saw both beautiful cities afresh when accompanied by your superb and always fascinating explanations of their history and monuments…We had such fun and learned so much – your enthusiasm and knowledge really does bring everything alive. Thank for also for organising everything so smoothly. We are already looking forward to our next trip with you!”
Mr and Mrs Graham and Jill Zacharias, Castile and Extremadura 2010

“Once again, our sincere thanks for a lovely weekend away in Bruges. Good company, excellent food and wonderful things to see – all arranged, as ever, in impeccable style. Thank you!”
Mr and Mrs Terry and Penny Moore, The Art of Flanders 

“We had such a wonderful visit to Bruges – your organisation is exceptional, your knowledge awe-inspiring and your “joie de vivre” infectious! We had such a special and memorable few days with you – thank you for all the hours of work and thoughtfulness that goes into making your trips such magical occasions.”
Mr and Mrs Richard and Angela Fry, The Art of Flanders 

“Thank you so much for our Bronzino weekend – I am still buzzing with it all, and cannot believe how much we managed to pack in, thanks to your excellent timings and organisation. Thank you too for your unfailing kindness to us in everything, it is very much appreciated.”
Mrs Elsie Galbraith, Bronzino in Florence 

“Many, many thanks for a very special few days in Florence. I really appreciated your schedule and wonderfully informative talks, which I will savour and hopefully remember as much as possible. Florence came alive for me through your love of the city and its treasures. A big thank you for all your thought and hard work.”
Mrs Suzanne Kerr, Bronzino in Florence 

“Many many thanks for an amazing holiday in Siena. Every minute was inspirational: the city itself, the incredible beauty of all the glorious paintings we saw, the hotel .. plus so much else. Thank you for your excellent organisation”
Ms Caroline Tate, Discovering Siena and Tuscany

“David and I had the most amazing time in Rome. We wanted to say thank you for such a well-organised, informative, friendly and thoroughly enjoyable tour. We felt totally comfortable in your capable hands.”
Mrs Rosie Williams, Renaissance and Baroque Rome 

“Thank you very much for a wonderful trip to Florence …. Your patience and kindness are appreciated as much as your knowledge and scholarship.”
Mrs Tracey Howcroft , Florence Tour

“Thank you for a super holiday much exceeding our expectations. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your willingness to share knowledge and most of all your care and friendship. We look forward to travelling with you again.”
Mr and Mrs Ann and David Easton, Venice: Art and Architecture 

“I am sure I speak for all when I say what a pleasurable trip around the Castile area of Spain you gave us. Your knowledge of art amazes me – you continually chat along with information from what appears to be a very deep well on the subject. Thank you Siân for a lovely week.”
Mrs Doffy Humphreys, Castile and Extremadura 

“Alan and I want to reiterate our thanks to you for such a perfect trip to a part of Spain we never knew before. Our eyes have been opened to the paradors, the dry desert scenery of the area and the feast of cathedrals, churches and monasteries… Thank you.”
Mr and Mrs Alan and Sheena Kingsley, Castile and Extremadura 

“Thank you for all your efforts which made our last trip to Tuscany so informative and such fun. It was lovely to see some familiar faces as well as some new ones (both people and places!). I would love to know your secret for all your energy and enthusiasm which makes your trips that extra bit special.”
Mr and Mrs Pauline and David Allbeury, Art and Wine in Tuscany 

“Thank you so very much for a perfect holiday. We returned totally refreshed, with minds full of beautiful works of art and warm interesting companions …… All beautifully and perfectly organised.”
Mrs Elizabeth Fussell, Venice: Art and Architecture 

“As usual with your meticulous planning and forethought it was a super weekend and a real delight to see all the art work that we had studied The group was again so friendly – everyone always seems to get on with everyone else and it was also really good to see some familiar faces from previous trips and catch up on past news!”
Mr and Mrs Maureen and Vic Kimber, Art in Flanders 

“Siân is not just a tour lecturer, she is a true enthusiast and obviously loves paintings, sculpture, architecture and history. Her passion for her subjects enthused us all …. The knowledge she has of her subjects is awesome, and her ability to impart it to the group faultless.”
Mr and Mrs Linton Rainbow, Florence Tour

“A HUGE thank you – you gave us all such a really wonderful trip (In fact Nicholas & Angela rang and said it was the best trip they have ever done!) you thought of everything, the excursions were totally marvellous, and you then managed to get us into special places as well … being able to see those wonderful Titians was just so special, and all the restaurants too, so thank you so much for making it a trip to remember for ever.”
Mrs Sue Lewis, Director, SL Travel

“You are like a breath of fresh air. Many thanks.”
Mr and Mrs Joan and Bill Chalmers , Florentine Discovery

Study Days

“The best study day that we had ever had.”
North East Essex NADFAS

“I’m so glad I saw the exhibition yesterday for so many reasons – it’s always a delight to listen to your presentations, and quite inspiring to hear Xavier speak with such passion and expertise about such a radically innovative project. We (your students) are very lucky to have access to the best of the best! The exhibition made a huge emotional impact both in content and theatrical effect. “
Mrs Liz Bell

“Thank you for the beautiful Goya exhibition talk. As soon as I entered the room I felt I was inside the pictures and everything about them. It was not a case of just standing there looking in, I was there, inside. Due entirely to your wonderful introduction.”
Ms Tove Sperling

“Thank you on behalf of Sue and myself for the special day we shared yesterday with your group and what a privilege to not only enter the hallowed  Royal Society of Astronomers but to enjoy such a superb lecture, a delightful lunch and guided tour of the Manet Exhibition too.  It truly was a wonderful and memorable day and I will certainly look at Manet’s works with a different eye!”
Lady Joyce Acher

“Thank you for a terrific day at the RA on Weds. The exhibition was superb, and greatly enhanced by your lecture which was, as ever, brilliantly researched, clearly presented and beautifully illustrated.”
Mrs Jenny Lebus

“Thank you for another great day at the National Gallery. I loved the exhibition, and it was wonderful to have a musical insight into Dutch life”
Mrs Sally Day

“Thank you for organising yesterday’s visit to the National Gallery. We really appreciated your excellent talk before going to look at the exhibition and it made the whole experience that much more absorbing”
Mr and Mrs Bruce and Ann Aitken

“Thank you for a lovely time on Thursday, a fascinating lecture, excellent lunch, and the lovely paintings”
Mrs Barbara-Anne Hunter

“Once again, thanks for such a super day on Wednesday…the usual excellent introductory lecture, the yummy lunch and the cheery exhibition…what more could you want! Everyone seemed to be leaving the exhibition with a smile on their face.”
Mr and Mrs Terry and Penny Moore

“Thank you very much Sian for arranging another lovely day. We thoroughly enjoyed not only the exhibition but the lunch and the company which helped to make it, for us, a particularly special occasion””
Mr and Mrs Molly and Nick Brady

“Thank you for a great day at the V and A yesterday, for putting these beautiful objects in context and make them come to life.”
Mrs Sally Day

“Many thanks for yesterday. I much appreciated your lecture – lucid and informative as ever and enabling me to get so much more from re-visiting the exhibition as one knew what defining features to look for in the paintings. Altogether a very civilised and enjoyable day in the most appropriate surroundings.”
Mr David Wailen

“Thank you for such a great day last Saturday. It was such an informative and well organised day. I always love visiting Cambridge and it was great this time to be guided and informed by such knowledgeable experts. It has really whetted my appetite to return there.”
Mrs Debbie Rees Davies

“Thank you so very much for a really lovely day. It was great fun to go to the club and what an excellent lunch. We loved your informative and witty lecture, and your perfect organisation. All in all, a very happy day. Thank you again.”
Mrs Elizabeth Fussell

“I was transfixed by the exhibition, .. the mood of the visitors was one of awe and wonder, and the atmosphere in all the galleries one of great satisfaction and joy. I absolutely adored it, and thank you so much for your introductory talk with slides which was brilliant!”
Ms Caroline Tate

“Thank you so much for today. Seeing the paintings in the flesh, your description and delivery made for an exceptional visit”
Mrs Michaela Goldberg

“Thank you so much for delivering such an exceptional Study Day on Venice last week. I thought the depth and scope of the day was beautifully judged and you delivered it with such an easy, non-academic, but incredibly informative, style.”
The Arts Society Richmond

Additional Comments

“Fascinating and informative . . . Siân’s enthusiasm for the subject is infectious.”
Mrs Debbie Rees-Davies

“I shall never forget your wonderful enthusiasm for the paintings, which has enthused me with a love of Renaissance art – I have spent hugely on marvellous books in the last year!”
Mr Ken Sutherland

“Many thanks for helping to open my eyes to the glories of Italian art – and whetting my appetite for more. ”
Mrs Margaret Stafford

“Siân is a very learned lady, but wears her learning lightly . . . underneath one recognises extensive knowledge and profound understanding. ”
Professor Alan Cook, former Master of Selwyn College, Cambridge University